The flexible taxonomic checklist app

naturalist icon NaturaList is a flexible taxonomic checklist web app capable of visualizing a wide variety of data for both formal and indigenous / folk taxonomies. It doesn’t come with a pre-defined set of taxonomic data you would have to fit your project in. You have the freedom to define what kind of data gets displayed and how. Your taxonomy data is pulled from a spreadsheet, making updates, change of appearance or even adding new kinds of information easy, without the need for extensive IT expertise and complex software packages.

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Displaying a checklist

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Displaying taxon details

The app offers powerful filtering and search capacities. Filters are simple to use and are built in a way which encourages data exploration and simplifies data analysis.

You can connect each taxon with a wide variety of data. The kind of data is completely user-defined and may take the form of simple text, numbers, maps in various formats, images, sound recordings, links or entire encyclopedia-like pages with rich content.

The user interface is translated into several languages and your data may be supplied in one or several different languages to create multilingual projects.

Download NaturaList

Download (version 12, 4.5MB)

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Quick start

  1. Unzip the downloaded NaturaList folder into a webhosting of your choice. This will give you an empty instance of the app, which you will need to fill with your data.
  2. Open the web address on which you installed the app. You will see a message saying you need to upload some data first. Download the blank spreadsheet which you can use to bootstrap your project.
  3. Fill the spreadsheet with your data. Read the documentation to learn more about different parts of the spreasheet you can configure and for a sample spreadsheet with a fully developed project to explore.
  4. Once done, upload your spreadsheet through NaturaList. Now whoever visits your NaturaList app address will see your checklist data appearing.
  5. If you want to update your checklist later on, simply make the necessary edits in your spreadsheet. Then open your NaturaList app, head to the menu and click on 'Manage'. Then upload your spreadsheet to publish the update.


Open demo implementation to see NaturaList in action.

NaturaList screenshot


Browse the app documentation including a sample complete project spreadsheet.


NaturaList is available under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence.


NaturaList has been created by Dominik M. Ramík. It has been has been originally developed for the Checklist of the vascular flora of Vanuatu under the Plants mo Pipol blong Vanuatu (Plants and People of Vanuatu) project.